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Barbara L. Patrick MD, Facog Gynecology Services

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Barbara L. Patrick, MD

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Medical and surgical treatment of menstural disorders, pelvic organ prolapse, general infertility testing and treatment. Well women exams, birth control counseling and evaluation of abnormal pap smears.

Q&A with Dr. Patrick

I get severe headaches right before my period – what can be done about this?

Menstrual migraine is common and occurs as estrogen levels decline before your period.  They are often more severe, last longer, and are less responsive to therapy compared to other migraines.  It is important to avoid sleep deprivation, MSG, chocolate, alcohol, and nitrates – all of which can be triggers for migraines.  Acute treatment, during an actual migraine, starts with either NSAID’s (i.e. Ibuprofen) or a triptan (i.e. Imitrex).  Caffeine can also help. Some patients will benefit from preventative therapy by starting these medicines several days prior to the menses.  If these treatments are not helpful, trying to stabilize your estrogen levels with hormones may be beneficial. More information can be obtained for the National Headache Foundation (http://www.headaches.org) and the American Headache Society (http://www.ahsnet.org).