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Bed-sharing with baby: the risks and benefits

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Hospital variation in C-section rates 'not explained by mothers' medical problems'

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New UK report reveals £8 billion cost of mental health problems in pregnancy

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New report highlights potential links between weight, physical activity and breast cancer survival

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S-equol supplements associated with improved measures of reproductive health in postmenopausal women

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Q&A with Dr. Patrick

What can I take for my hot flashes other than hormone therapy?

Herbal products like soy, which is high in isoflavone, a plant estrogen are often used.  Isoflavone can also by found in legumes, flaxseed and whole grains.  Black cohash may help too.  Herbs which have not been proven to help with menopausal symptoms include wild yam, Don Quai, evening primrose, valerian root, ginseng, and chasteberry.  There are some medications that are used off-label for the treatment of hot flashes.  These include certain antidepressants and neurotin (a seizure medication).  Nothing works as well as hormone replacement therapy.